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💬 Micro: 2022-09-14

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GoToSocial seems like a promising alternative to Mastodon. It’s written in Go (👍 in my opinion), lightweight and pretty good documented so far. It’s still “alpha software” but seems to make great progress. In the past, I self hosted a microblog.pub instance and then after some time without any Fediverse profile other than my blog, which has ActivityPub support as well, signed up at Fosstodon to be able to reply to blog comments from the Fediverse. I already set up an instace of GTS, but will probably wait to use it as my primary Fediverse profile until GTS enters the beta stage sometime in 2023 according to the roadmap.

Yesterday, I fixed GoBlog to be able to be followed by GoToSocial users. I didn’t know that some ActivityPub servers require requests to get information about the remote actor to be signed. But that should work now. 😄


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