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98.css (again)

Published on in 💬 Micro
Short link: https://b.jlel.se/s/620

I already shared98.css” on my blog in 2020. It’s a CSS framework that styles semantic HTML to look like Windows 98.

It was recently reshared on Hacker News and I found the creator’s comment about it:

Hey HN - author here.

This was my burnout recovery project in April of 2020. Very much a labor of love and a surprising way to realize I still liked programming. I wrote some scattered thoughts here.

I also “run” this project quite differently than I usually do - when I receive a pull request instead of merging it I do a quick glance through the user’s github to make sure they’re not a spammer before giving them commit access and asking them to merge their own PR. It has worked wonders.

That’s a pretty interesting aproach to managing an open source project. Let’s hope nobody does a force push, removing everything. 😄

Now my question: Did somebody already use this project for a blog design?


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