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💬 Micro: 2023-01-23

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My motivation to work on GoBlog isn’t always the same. Sometimes I don’t feel like programming in my free time, so the most I do is some bug fixing when I find broken things. Sometimes I just have no time to work on new features or improvements. But since yesterday evening I feel a new push and have completely rewritten the plugin system to make it much more flexible (and I like flexibility). I had to break compatibility with existing plugins, but given the small user base and the limited scope of what plugins could do, I suspect there weren’t many. But the future looks promising…

Interesting side note: Now that DeepL Write is in public beta, I used it to improve the writing for the post on the GoBlog blog and this post. As a non-native English speaker, it’s really helpful. Because sometimes I don’t find the right words and use unusual words, or have wrong tenses or word orders, then DeepL corrects me.


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