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Migrating to a Fedora CoreOS VPS

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AI generated summary: The author successfully migrated from an Alpine Linux VPS to a new VPS with Fedora CoreOS installed, citing reasons such as dissatisfaction with the previous setup and the desire to test their backup setup.

It seems like I was successfully able to migrate from my Alpine Linux VPS to a new VPS having Fedora CoreOS installed. πŸŽ‰

Why did I do this migration?

I wasn’t that happy with the setup anymore. Although Alpine Linux is a great OS, especially for containers, and is very minimal, some things didn’t work that well (like mounting Hetzner Cloud volumes using the disk ID) and I changed things, I didn’t keep track of. (This time I noted down everything I did during the setup.)

And with rpm-ostree in Fedora CoreOS, I also already got some experience when I used Fedora Silverblue many years ago.

After some years with the VPS, a fresh setup doesn’t hurt. And with added features in the Hetzner Cloud (like re-assigning IP addresses to other servers) the moving also got a lot easier.

And finally: I was able to fully test my backup setup, and it works! πŸ˜„

One resource, I found quite useful during the installation, was this guide explaining how to install CoreOS on the Hetzner Cloud, given that the issue in CoreOS to add native Hetzner Cloud integration is still open.

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