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Short link: https://b.jlel.se/s/718
AI generated summary: Remote server access was slower today due to a 5G connection issue, with only LTE available from a more distant tower. A nearby base station problem was identified. A cellular connection offers improved uptime with fallback to other towers, though weather vulnerability is a concern.

Today, while remotely accessing my home server, I noticed that the network was a bit slower than usual. It turns out, there’s no 5G connection and only an LTE connection with another cell tower more far away. I checked the service provider’s website and there’s actually a problem with a base station nearby.

But this also shows, that, maybe, a cellular connection might improve the uptime given that there’s the fallback to other cell towers. The VDSL connection has no such fallback. But, of course, a cellular connection is more vulnerable due to weather conditions etc.


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