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Reviving Memories: A nostalgic bike ride past my University

AI generated summary: I enjoyed a nostalgic bike ride past my university, reminiscing about my days as a computer science student. I used my pedelec, which I bought in 2018 to avoid long commutes. Completing my degree during the pandemic was a unique experience, and now I cherish the memories as I pursue my dream job.

It was a bit cold and quite windy today, but otherwise the weather was beautiful with a clear and sunny sky.

I took advantage of this opportunity and used my pedelec again after a long time to do what I originally bought it for.

I bought it in 2018 (German blog post from back then) so that I didn’t always have to drive to university by car. I sometimes took the bus or train, but the public transport to the neighboring town 15 km away (Wolfenbüttel) wasn’t that great and the journey took a long time, especially at off-peak times (for example in the evening after the last lecture). A normal bike wasn’t a good alternative for me either, as I didn’t want to sit in the lecture hall sweating.

Anyway, today, after a very long time, I cycled past the university where I studied from 2017 to 2021 and completed my bachelor’s degree in computer science. From 2020, mostly just from home, pandemic and all…

It was kind of cool to stop by there again, I got a bit nostalgic. But I’m also kind of glad to have the degree behind me, as I mostly saw it more as a necessary prerequisite for my favorite job.

The main building of the Ostfalia University of Applied Sciences

The computer sciences building

Some beautiful landscape on the way

Mal wieder zur Ostfalia... 🏁 27.19 kilometers ⏱ 1:21:12


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