To all fellow bloggers,

I often encounter it, when I see an interesting article and want to see how up-to-date it is, that the date is hidden somewhere at the bottom of the page. Is it more difficult to put the date ABOVE the article than BELOW it? Writing the date above the text would often make looking for it easier.

Thank you!

Yesterday, I wrote it's time to stop using Facebook, and I wrote about how I'm still using Instagram and WhatsApp. To be able to delete my Instagram account soon, I'm now building an Instagram archive on my website with photos I originally published on Instagram. For the gallery I took inspiration from hugo-easy-gallery and the gallery on (source) and used PhotoSwipe. It's a really nice JavaScript library without dependencies.

I deleted my Facebook account back in 2017. If you still have an Facebook account, maybe think again if you really need it. There's this site and Kev Quirk also wrote a list of reasons why using Facebook might be a bad idea.

Although I have no Facebook account anymore, I still use WhatsApp and Instagram. WhatsApp is really popular in Germany (despite being owned by Facebook) and without WhatsApp you would socially exclude yourself from too many things. All university groups are coordinated via WhatsApp - although I study computer science and people there have technical knowledge, it's sad… I only use it for group chats though, because almost all my contacts use Telegram.

In the past I used Instagram to share moments from my life, stay in touch with some people and get to know new people, but since I've been in a happy relationship, my Instagram usage decreased to almost zero. I will probably export everything and post pictures on PixelFed or maybe a section on my website or blog instead.

Codecademy was once a great source to learn new programming languages, but it seems in the last year, they started to push harder to increase revenue. After login you get presented a page to buy Pro access (and you need to find that small “Back” link), Pro banners everywhere and popular courses like the one to learn Python 3 are Pro-only anymore. Seems like I need to find another source to learn some Python basics for my seminar paper about Falcon.

Aral Balkan is doing some cool things with his Small Technology Foundation. Recently he built a personal mobile web server using a Raspberry Pi Zero (+ an LTE modem) and his web server project Site.js. What really fascinates me, is that it just needs a 14500 Lithium-ion battery, but then it is able to operate from basically everywhere with an LTE connection. Imagine all the use cases.

Imagine holding your personal web site in the palm of your hand. Imagine carrying the digital aspects of your self in your pocket instead of having them on some abstract cloud under the watchful eye of some faceless multinational corporation.

I'm expanding my hugo-micropub endpoint all the time. My next planned features are:

  1. automatic webmention sending, probably by using Telegraph
  2. automatic posting to my instance
  3. support for updating entries (I already built support for querying content items)

This is my first micro-post on my blog in the new micro section. I updated my theme to better handle posts with no titles. And: I added support for likes. (You'll probably see some in the future.)

StartPage recently sold a majority stake in it's company to the “Privacy One Group”, “a separate operating unit of System1”. You can read more about it here. Because of that, I'm now going to try Searx, an open-source meta search engine, you can easily host yourself (or use a hosted version). There are a lot of available instances. I'm going to use the instance by, a website with recommendations for privacy-friendly softwares and services.

Email domain names

Do you know how difficult it is to tell someone your email address with your custom domain name? It seems people only know the big players:, or and in Germany. But telling someone to mail to, (or any of my other domain names) is a bit more difficult, I always need to spell letter for letter and that is really annoying. But this has now come to an end.
Jan-Lukas Else
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