After thinking about it, I finally figured out how to PESOS from Pocket to my own site using IFTTT. I tried to do it in a similar way to how Charlotte Allen did this. The first step was to retrieve an IndieAuth access token using the tool Gimme a token. Then I created a IFTTT applet with the a new favorite item on Pocket as the trigger and a Webhook to execute.

Matthias Ott wrote a good article about writing and drafts. “Shitty drafts” allow one to let all thoughts out of your brain onto paper. Once you have that you can start editing.

So why waste your precious time by laboriously crafting a β€œperfect” first version of your text when you will need to edit and refine it later, anyway?

The first things I did this year was to create a media endpoint for my Micropub server. It works by uploading files to BunnyCDN via their storage API (great service and easy API!). However, now that I have this endpoint, I would also like to use it. It seems that there is a lack of clients that support uploading media to the media endpoint and then returning me the correct URL. I can use Indigenous to upload photos from my phone, but it seems like other file formats aren't supported. How am I supposed to create posts with audio or other files? Also Micropublish (the client I usually use on PCs) doesn't seem to support media at all.

Can someone please give me a tip, which client I should use or do I need to develop my own? Thanks!

Please also remind: My operating system are Linux, Windows and Android. Clients for macOS or iOS are pretty useless to me.

Update: Kristof De Jaeger replied to this post and promised some new features for Indigenous on Android. Thanks a lot! I'm still in search for a desktop solution though. I thought a bit about it and will probably create a basic web interface that allows me to upload any file until there's better support in other Micropub clients.

Update 2: It seems like Jamie Tanna is in a similar situation. He gave the tip to look at Quill.

In this post I want to show with which services and tools it is possible to run a completely free website. An own website not only offers the possibility to create your own professional web presence, it can also make you independent from silos like Facebook, Twitter or Medium. It is always better to publish content on your own page with your own domain. If a service changes the terms of use or ceases operation, it is so much easier to move to another service.

Of course I still use RSS. RSS offers me the possibility to consume news in the way I want. No algorithms that think they have to decide for me what interests me and what not. No algorithms that withhold news from me. Only the feeds I have subscribed to, all news from these feeds and no advertising between the news. I'm done when I'm done and don't have to look at any more suggested articles.

Last month I wrote about my problem with newsletters. Today I discovered the service Kill the Newsletter!. It let's you subscribe to newsletters by RSS. Therefor it creates a private email address and converts all emails received by this address into an Atom feed to which you can subscribe with any Atom-feed compatible news reader. That's especially useful for newsletters that don't provide an archive or RSS feed.

Most of my blog posts don't have any images for a couple of reasons: Often images don't add any value to the content of a post, so no need to add a random image from Unsplash. Sites without images, or with as few images as possible, load faster. Not everyone has a fast internet connection. When I'm traveling through Germany, there are a lot of places with just EDGE and I can't visit image heavy sites.

I should definitely checkout how to PESOS for Pocket. I use Pocket quite often, but don't publish all links on my blog. For that I still need to improve bookmark support and than use something like IFTTT to publish recommended or starred articles to a bookmarks section.

This year is coming to an end and so I want to take the chance to review the year and write down what happened this year. On the technical side as well as personally. Months Let me start with each month: January 2019 has started the same way the new decade will start too. I studied for exams, wrote exams and finally, after the exams, did some practical work in the company where I am doing my dual study.
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