Conversing through email

In the recent past I got a similar experience like Brandon Nolet by conversing through email. Emails don’t have this presure to respond as soon as possible. You can take your time to think and then write a better response. Sometimes it can take days, weeks or even months. With email that’s not really a problem.

As someone who likes to keep in touch with people but isn’t good at small talk, I struggle with instant messaging. When writing emails, I can take my time and think about how to continue the conversation better and discuss topics more deeply. With instant messaging, whether it’s using WhatsApp (the most popular messaging app in my country), Telegram or Twitter, I always feel bad when I don’t respond immediately. Notifications popup again when I just dismiss the notification, but don’t open the chat. When I open the chat, but do not respond, I have a bad feeling, because the conversation partner can see that I read the message but didn’t respond. Email feels less indimidating here and also adds some feeling of privacy and freedom.

We should converse more through email.

Awesome Personal Blogs

You’ve probably come across Awesome lists already. This one is quite similar to, which I linked to recently. It’s nice to have such a long list full of personal blogs to explore. Exploring other’s personal blogs always offers the possibility to learn and discover new things and get to know new people who share interesting stuff.

I also have a blogroll, to which I regularly add new links which I find worth featuring. If you have a personal blog too, feel free to send me a link to it via a webmention (I will soon add a form to this blog for easier submission) or the contact form.

Just as I type this, the PR I created to add my blog got merged. 😄

Mass Delete Tweets (free & no 3rd-party apps)

In this post I want to explain how you can mass-delete old tweets without the need to use a 3rd-party service that probably also want your money or scripts that require you to create an application on the Twitter developer portal. You will just make use of Firefox, Tweetdeck, some shell scripts and two command line tools. To follow this tutorial you need the following prerequisites: An account at Twitter with tweets you want to delete (otherwise this tutorial is totally useless for you) Firefox Basic knowledge of how to use a terminal curl, jq and bash installed on your system (I will use a standard Linux distribution with a zsh-shell, so if you are using Windows or Mac, or another shell, commands can slightly differ) Disclaimer I’m not responsible for any damage caused by you following this tutorial!