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My 2020 in Review

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Translations: Mein 2020 im Rückblick
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⚠️ This entry is already over one year old. It may no longer be up to date. Opinions may have changed.

Last year I first had to think about what happened in each month for my year in review. This year it’s a bit easier, because since the beginning of the year I wrote a monthly review in German as well as in English.

To finish the year, here is a list of all monthly reviews and some general thoughts:

This year was different. Many previously unthinkable things have happened. As the pastor said in his sermon on Christmas Eve, this year has shown how vulnerable we humans are. The pandemic has shown that nothing should be taken too much for granted and although mankind thinks it rules planet earth, sometimes it shows that humans are not omnipotent.

I am in a fortunate position and very grateful that the pandemic and its consequences did not really affect me. I was able to continue my studies from home and the practical phases in the company are also easily possible via home office. I’m thinking about whether working from home might not be more practical than always having to go to the office.

In January, I completed the apprenticeship part of my dual study program and thus my first professional education. In the first half of next year, I’ll probably also finish the study part and then fully start my professional life, at least for a few years to gain work experience.

This year I probably blogged more than ever before. If I haven’t lost count, I’ve published 359 posts on my English blog this year (excluding this post), and 81 on my German blog. On top of that, I’ve even developed my own blog system, which now allows me to blog even more and consider my blog as my “home on the internet”. Blogging is on the one hand a programming hobby for me, but also satisfies my need to share experiences and opinions, which seems to be well received when I look at the feedback.

And as far as my private life is concerned, things are going pretty well for me and I’m happy. ❤

The bottom line is that despite all the restrictions and lockdowns, this year was quite acceptable for me personally and I hope for a more positive year in 2021. However, I’m not making any resolutions.

So a happy new year to all readers! 🎆


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