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5 Harsh Reasons Why Snapchat Sucks - And Why I Deleted It From My Phone

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How many flames have you got? Who’s your red heart? What’s your score?

Snapchat sucks. I banned this app from my smartphone and that’s not only for one reason…

Reason #1: Bad Android app

Yes, this may be a reason not relevant to everyone, but the app for Android is simply a disgrace to Snapchat. Slow, memory-hungry and generally not state of the art. Furthermore: Problems when signing in on rooted smartphones, for someone like me this is of course a disaster, because only to sign in the device has to be unrooted first, so that it has to be rerooted after logging in.

Of course, Snapchat has announced to completely revise the app for Android and make it faster. But when this happens remains open…

Reason #2: Clickbait and annoying ads

Snapchat sells it as a feature, but actually it’s not: These media contents, which are displayed under the stories when swiping to the right. Clickbait articles in the worst conceivable way are forced upon you there. This alone would be reason enough for me to ban the app from my mobile phone.

Reason #3: Addiction

Despite the annoying advertising, Snapchat somehow manages to pull users into the ban so that they sacrifice several hours a day and their entire monthly data volume for this app. Facebook, Snapchat and Co. have no other goal than to keep users in their apps as long as possible, because they can earn more money with advertising. And what is more important than money if investors only want to hear growth?

Reason #4: Social pressure

Well, what are your friends up to these days? Snapchat allows us to share our whole life with “friends”. We can show you what great things we do, how great the hotel is, where we spend a weekend, or how funny it is to go to the party.

But not only do we share our own lives, we mainly look at what our friends do. And unconsciously we admire them for their great life, envy them and become unhappy because our own life is so much more boring. Why would you want to do that voluntarily?

Reason #5: Unnecessary waste of time

How much time a day do you spend on Snapchat? How many minutes would you have been able to do something else that would give you more than a few clicks of your friends? Isn’t it unnecessary to sacrifice so much time just for a few clicks and social recognition? And wasting so much time, envying the lives of others, while we could use the time to experience something ourselves? It’s absurd.

I have uninstalled the Snapchat app from my mobile phone and also deleted the account, so that everything will be deleted in a few days. I don’t regret it a bit!

Nevertheless, I still use Instagram, but not to show others what a great life I have, but just to document my life and share a bit of creativity. And should I also become addicted to Instagram one day, I will also leave Instagram.

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