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7 Things I Really Learned At School - Life Lessons I Collected At School

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Translations: 7 Sachen, die Ich in der Schule Wirklich Gelernt habe 🏫
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Today I’ll be talking about seven “life lessons” which I learned during my school days, even though they may not have become clear to me immediately, but actually make a lot of sense if you look back now. Many of them are likely to be useful later in life outside of school.

1. Organization is essential

Organization is actually one of the most important skills you need for school, especially in preparation for the final exam. Without organization it simply does not work. If you’re not organized, you might remember that you have a test in math the day after tomorrow, and that you haven’t learned anything at all, and now have to pull an all-nighter.

Organization can also help you keep the balance between school and your free time healthy. If you know how to learn effectively and do your homework, there is plenty of time for other activities and hobbies.

2. The right work-life balance

A healthy balance is fundamental for a happy life. Those who, on the one hand, do too much for school (the overachievers) will always stay into stress mode, which prevents them from enjoying life.

With a clear head, it’s also easier to learn. Whoever’s just chilling, however, jeopardizes the chances of success in school. Without learning, it is usually much more difficult to write good exams.

3. Understanding through questioning

Physics was one of my major subjects. In general, I am interested in natural sciences because it’s much less about interpretation than subjects like German or art.

Everything has a clear reason, there is only right or wrong. Among other things, physics helps you better understand the world. To understand why the sound of a siren on a police car changes when driving by, or how the displays in our smartphones work.

In order to understand this, however, or to come up with the idea of wanting to understand this, it’s necessary to first of all question things.

4. Be nice

Good social relations are always an advantage in life. By supporting others when they need help and by offering it, we not only make ourselves more popular, but it can be advantageous for us if we ourselves are in a bad situation.

For example, in the case of illness and missed lessons, it becomes much easier to get documents when you have friends.

But also a good relationship with teachers is always positive. Those who do not become conspicuous by disturbing the lessons or any other behavior that is rather unpleasant for the teacher have a much better chance of getting good grades.

5. Working towards goals

The goal of every student is to get a degree at some point in time and then to be able to start your life.

Here I have learned that it can be really motivating to work towards a certain goal, to have a goal in mind.

6. Don’t give up

For myself, I have learned that it’s important not to give up on this path to the goal.

It is worth it to clench your teeth and fight for your goal, no matter how powerful your opponent seems to be.

7. Accept help

Although I was actually quite good at math and physics, I decided to take up private tutoring and get help with my learning.

The main problem with me was that I thought, when I understood it, it was enough to be prepared and then I decided not to practice because I was lazy.

But through tutoring I was forced to consolidate my knowledge with exercises. I am also very happy to have accepted this help, because in the end it might have helped me to get a great grade on the final exam.

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