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Not Every Advice is Good Advice

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When I surf the Internet on my daily journey, I see a billion articles that want to show me how I can optimize my life, how I can become more successful, how I can be one of the top 1%.

And even if I read some of them and think that they are good advice, I won’t implement any of them in the end.

Because if you want to change, you have to want to change.

There must be motivation and the will to really want to achieve what is promised in the articles. There must be a damn strong reason why there is no other way to achieve this goal. You have to burn for it.

But if you are able to handle your current situation quite well and have no existential needs, then it is all the more difficult to find this motivation. Then you ask yourself, why should I become so successful when I am already happy now?

That is why I have my opinion on this:

For everyone, the definition of “happiness” and “success” may be different. For some it’s becoming a millionaire and having endless cash, for others it’s the opposite of happiness, because they are happy when they enjoy what they do every day.

Try to achieve your own definition of happiness and success. Do what you think is good and right. Because if you act accordingly, you will always have enough motivation to do so.

And maybe you don’t have to get up at 5:30…

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