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On the app store debate

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In the current debate (which has been going on for a while) about allowing alternative app stores on mobile devices, I honestly don’t understand at all the position that being able to use an alternative store would compromise security.

Even on the manufacturer’s computers, who doesn’t allow alternative stores on their mobile devices, it is possible to install apps from outside the store. And are the devices that insecure?

Sure, if you install any crap without thinking about it, there’s a risk that you’ll install malware there as well. But if I don’t want to take that risk, then don’t install every crap and you’re not forced to use alternative stores, just because it’s possible!

Why should I be so bossed around when using such an expensive device?

Another argument for the possibility of installing external apps, which is rarely mentioned, is the longevity of the smartphone. If the support has expired and the original store is no longer available, it would at least be possible to install external apps on the device. Of course, it would be even better if alternative operating systems could be easily installed.

But the fact that some manufacturers are so resistant to these options once again shows their focus on profit maximization. As long as the consumer buys a new device every other year, or even better, every year. The fact that the environment suffers is downplayed with green washing and nice statistics about recycled materials.

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