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(IMHO) Apple sucks

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The fact that I am not an Apple fan may have already been read in one or the other post. But everyone should make their own decisions and use Apple if it makes them happy.

But what makes me increasingly annoyed, almost angry, is this worship of Apple. It’s also getting harder and harder to find a tech blog or a tech YouTube channel that critically questions Apple’s actions and doesn’t celebrate every new product.

I wonder how Apple fanboys can be so blinded as to believe anything from Apple.

That Apple is protecting the environment by leaving out the chargers on the iPhone, or that it cares about user privacy.

Apple made record sales in the past quarter. A whole 111 billion (!!!) dollars, about a third of which was profit.

Why? Because Apple tries to monetize everything.

Google is the default search engine because Apple gets billions for it.

Why can’t you install apps from outside the App Store? Because Apple makes billions with their services.

Why can’t Apple devices be repaired easily? Because Apple wants to make money with Apple Care.

Why does Apple do so much vendor lockin? So that Apple can make many more billions by selling additional devices.

How does Apple make such a large profit margin? By exploiting workers in low-wage countries.

Other manufacturers are no better. They see how well Apple’s strategies work, so they copy them. But that doesn’t justify tolerating them.

Apple products aren’t even worth it because they’re better than the competition or offer a better user experience.

And yet Apple products seem to be more popular than ever and fans buy every new product. Even a charger for over $100.

Guys, come out of your Apple cosmos! Apple is not your friend, Apple only wants your money (as it is in capitalism).

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