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My April ‘21 in Review

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Translations: Mein April ‘21 im Rückblick
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⚠️ This entry is already over one year old. It may no longer be up to date. Opinions may have changed.

And now another month is already over, a whole third of the year already. How time flies… And so I come to the review of the past month.

On March 31st, my new employment contract started and with it a week and a half of vacation, which I spent mostly with my family and then with my girlfriend. Then on April 12th was my first real working day as a software developer. I already wrote about my experiences (🇩🇪) of the first week in a post.

I still have a lot of fun at work. Even if I don’t use the newest technologies (yet), it’s still very interesting to bring customer requirements into reality and to program something that actually has a practical use not only for myself.

I can always try out the latest technologies privately, for example when developing my own blog software. This month, I’ve only made a few small improvements, including more detailed statistics (see here and here (🇩🇪)). Now you don’t just see the number of posts per year, but you can also see the stats for each month, which now include the approximate number of letters, words, and words per post. Maybe I can think of some other statistics that I can visualize as well.

Also, my blog software can now help me find broken links in posts. It’s surprising how ephemeral the internet is, even though it’s always said that the internet never forgets.

As a real employee, I’ve also been thinking this month about what happens if I ever become unable to work. There is always a risk, even if you are young and fit. An accident or an unforeseen illness and that’s it for working. That’s why I spent a few hours talking to a specialist at Clark, who advised me on disability insurance. In the end, however, the search was not successful, because apparently not a single insurance company wants to insure me because of two small things. But this confirms the assumption that I had already heard from others, that such insurances really only insure top-healthy people in professions with only very low risk. So now I have to think of other ways to prepare.

I blogged quite little this month, at least compared to the last few months. When my girlfriend, with whom I mainly have a long-distance relationship, is with me, I just have other priorities. In April, I blogged about installing Windows 10 again on a notebook I’ve been using with Linux all the time, or about rediscovering a very early version of my homepage (🇩🇪).

Stay healthy!


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