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My April ‘23 in Review

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Translations: Mein April ‘23 im Rückblick
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AI generated summary: The author reviews their uneventful month of April, which included Freeletics Hell Week, fixing their smarthome, and preparing for a business trip to Munich and their upcoming birthday.

I almost forgot this monthly review, although it should actually be a routine after more than two years. But so much exciting has not happened this month…

Spring is finally here, it’s getting warmer and more colorful outside again, which invited to the one or other walk.

Other than that, I have my first Freeletics Hell Week behind me. It feels good to pull through for so long and always follow the training plan.

To visit the office again for a day, I also spent a week in my second home, where I also fixed the smarthome (so actually only the temperature sensors and sockets) and also had more time for internet and videos again. And you can see a beautiful tree from the apartment too. 🌸

The next month will probably be more exciting. I’m going on my first real business trip to Munich for two days, where I’ll also see most of my teammates in real life for the first time, and the weekend after that is my birthday, which my girlfriend in particular is really looking forward to (why ever?). 😄


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