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How I Write Articles On The Go?

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When you’re on the go quite often (at university during the week or with the family during the weekends), it’s actually quite difficult to use the spare time you have for writing blog posts instead of fixing bugs or coding new features for your favorite project. That’s why I recently built the habit of writing most of my posts on the go.

But how?

For my cheap Amazon Fire 7 Tablet I bought a case with a Bluetooth keyboard, which I can also take out of the case and connect it with my smartphone. This way I can use some free minutes (between lessons, in the train or in the bus) to write down my thoughts.

Some people might prefer taking a laptop with them all the time. That’s probably also the best option when you have a light and slim one (like a MacBook), but it isn’t with a cheap and slow one (like mine).

Nowadays we take our phone with us all the time and it’s more than enough for writing some words on the go. You can write instant messages on your phone, so why not also write some articles? And a small Bluetooth keyboard also weights close to nothing and is very portable.

Even since I bought a new phone (my initial impressions about the Xiaomi Mi A1) it even became easier. I either use the Ghost Android App, which is the perfect companion for my Ghost-based blogs, or Google Docs if I want to create a draft for some other purpose than publishing on my blog.

Writing on the go actually gives me an option to use the time, I would otherwise waste for useless things, more productive. This way I can come home after a long day and have already finished a blog post for the day and can spend my time home more wisely.

Do you also write “on the go”?

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