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I’m So Ashamed Of My Stupidity

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I’m an idiot. A stupid bastard. Really stupid. Because I needed some timeoff, I wished to be ill - knowing that my wishes are just very rarely come true. And what happened? Yes, my wish came true. [insert facepalm emoji here]

Just one or two days after I came up with this horrible idea and decision, it catched me. I was just sitting in the lecture hall, listening to the lecturer, when stomach cramps hit me, and they hit me hard. Getting home with the car was quite difficult and at home the first place I headed to was my bed.

Today (one day after that happened) I luckily don’t have this pain anymore but a cold and probably also temperatur (that might be the reason I’m writing this kind of post - excuse me). But I learned one important lesson:

Never, ever wish yourself ill. If you do this, you’re a stupid bastard.

I apologize to all people who are ill and want to get well again, I was very disrespectful. I’m very ashamed of myself. How could I be that dump?

Instead of wishing me ill, I should really think about better time managment and how to stay motivated during a long and stressful day…

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