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My August ‘23 in Review

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Translations: Mein August ‘23 im Rückblick
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AI generated summary: The author's August was filled with diving deeper into the topic of LTE and 5G routers, supporting their girlfriend after surgery, attending a company summer party, cleaning up their old apartment, and planning an Interrail trip to Scotland.

Now it’s already September. So, what happened in August?

After coming back from vacation and not having my laptop with me during that time, I could finally get back to one of my hobbies. I got to dive deeper into the topic of LTE and 5G routers and even had some fun tinkering with an LTE module in a USB adapter.

Besides that, I provided strong support to my girlfriend after her surgery.

I also spent another week in Braunschweig, at my second home, to attend the company’s summer party, meet my family, and continue cleaning up the old apartment. However, it will probably take at least another year before it’s completely empty.

In the last week, after work, I mainly focused on planning our Interrail trip to Scotland. Finally, we have all the necessary reservations, specific train and bus connections, as well as additional gear like hiking pants and shoes. I’m really looking forward to the vacation! I just hope that the British people don’t decide to go on strike during our stay because, as luck would have it, strikes are announced for the week before our trip…

And that’s about it for now. At the latest, in the next update, there will be vacation photos again! 😄


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