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How I Skip the Gym with Bodyweight Training at Home

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I’m currently in my 9th week of my Runtastic Results training plan. It’s actually more than 9 weeks since I started, but that’s because my schedule was too busy sometimes and so some weeks took longer than planed. But believe it or not, it’s finally becoming fun.

Around 11 weeks ago, I had an appointment at the doctor. I had some troubles and wanted to ask for help. Unfortunately the doctor didn’t really help me, but accused me of being to skinny and underweight (although that isn’t true, he didn’t even ask for my weight). He told me to go to the gym and do weight training.

Last year I already made my first gym experiences. I went there every few days for a month (luckily, it was just a trial month), but I just didn’t like it. I didn’t like to go to a different place just to do sports (I did a lot of running before and that always starts and ends at home) because that needed some extra effort and time. I also didn’t like being in a small room with a lot of other people looking at me. And I didn’t really know if I executed the exercises the right way.

So I didn’t do what the doctor told me… Why, when he didn’t even help me with my problem? I will definitely look for a new doctor.

But after some days of thoughts I finally came to the conclusion it isn’t wrong to do something for my body. I should start to work out. But not weight training.

After some research I found the app Runtastic Results. It’s more or less a Freeletics clone from Runtastic, the app I already used for my run tracking. When you unlock the Premium version, it generates a training plan for you, with which you should get fitter within 12 weeks. First you have to do a small fitness check and select how often you want to train the week.

For every exercise there’s a video which details what to focus on and how to do it correctly. That doesn’t guarantee you not to make mistakes, but let someone check you if you’re worried about that.

It’s now my 9th week in the training plan and I already feel some improvements. I usually work out three times a week. Not only my posture got a bit better, I sleep better, I feel less exhausted and I gained a few kilograms of muscles. Now I can also do a lot more iterations of some exercises than at the beginning.

My goal is not to get lots of muscles (although there are already signs of a six pack), but to get fitter. Fitness can also result in a general better feeling and can improve your health (your body has more power to fight diseases) - I haven’t been ill since I started the training. I still run from time to time, but it is often a bit painful for my knee and I feel the remnants of my knee injury last year.

When I started, it was sometimes a bit challenging to decide to start the workout, but I think I finally reached a point where I can proudly say it’s fun doing it. It takes less and less overcoming and always ends in a good feeling (although I’m totally exhausted sometimes).

Nobody paid me writing this! This isn’t a sponsored review, it’s just my personal opinion. I paid the full price for the premium membership.

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