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Did you ditch Chrome yet? Don’t switch to Brave though.

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There is some discussion recently about another evil move by Google. Google plans to deprecate (and remove) an API in it’s webbrowser Chrome, that is used by many ad-blocking addons. Of course they are ignoring voices from the community! Only enterprise customers will be able to use this API for custom development.

Is it a surprise at all, that Google wants to do that? Google (Alphabet) is one of the biggest (ad) companies. They make a lot of money with ads.

First they try to convince you using their browser and once most people use Chrome, they exploit it.

It’s time to ditch Chrome!

But please don’t use Brave instead. Brave’s founder is a questionable person, kicked out of Mozilla after being CEO for just a few days, one of it’s investors is on Facebook’s board and Brave’s business model (replacing a websites ads with their ads and paying publishers with a fake crypto currency) is worth questioning too. In the end it’s a company baked with venture capital and that’s usually not a good thing when it comes to privacy.

Use free and open source software like Firefox.

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