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Do Zero-Days and Though Work Towards Your Goals

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Julian Zehr recently published a post regarding Zero-Days, the days where you don’t do something to reach your goals. So where you don’t code to become the world’s best software developer or don’t write to become the most famous blogger. The days where you do something different.

I totally agree with him, that the best way to reach this goal is using every day to come your goals closer, but I also think sometimes it’s necessary to do something different, like running instead of coding or reading instead of writing, even when it’s not directly related to your goal.

If you take at least one day each week to chill out, do sports or just do something completely different, it gives you some sort of variety and helps you get a clearer mind again, so that you can even work harder to reach your goal after that.

I for example did not code a single line nor read a single development related article yesterday, but instead cleaned the apartment and did my first real running round in 2018. I also went to bed much more early, because I clearly noticed the lack of sleep, all the long coding evenings have done to me.

With doing something, that’s not directly related to your primary goals, I don’t mean you should procrastinating (that would be bad), but force yourself to take of a day from time to time. If you always just focus on reaching your goals, it’s quickly possible, that you get stuck at some point. (At least that happens to me.)

How do you get this variety in your life?

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