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Don’t Fear Doing New Things

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I always didn’t like to hear my own voice, because I thought it sounds strange. So always procrastinated starting a podcast. I finally overcame my fear. And it actually feels good.

I always had that idea in my mind of starting a podcast, I also started recording one once, but I screw it. I didn’t like my voice.

But this time, I just tried it again and after hearing the voice some time, I just thought, why care about other’s opinions, just do it. And it turned out that people aren’t thinking the way I feared they would do. They aren’t hating it. 😁

What did I learn from this?

Don’t fear doing new things, just try it!

Hiding yourself behind your fears doesn’t bring you further in life. Just try it. People often aren’t thinking as negative about you as you fear, people are actually thinking way less about you, than you think they do.

And if you get negative feedback, don’t take it too personally. Take as motivation to improve further, but DON’T GIVE UP!

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