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Review: Eastpak Provider

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In October I bought myself a new backpack after my old backpack, which I used every day, suddenly fell apart and I needed a replacement. Now, finally, I can write down a few more thoughts about this backpack, the black version of the Eastpak Provider:

I need a backpack mainly for the things I need for my study. This is at least one, sometimes even two or three laptops and the appropriate chargers, a drinking bottle, one to three bottles of Huel (so I don’t have to eat in the cafeteria - the meals there aren’t very delicious) and headphones. But I also use it when I travel, for example when I visit my family on weekends, for things like laptops, food and drink or books.

The dimensions of the backpack are as follows: 44 cm high, 31 cm wide and 25 cm deep. It has two main compartments and a front pocket. One main compartment has a 15 inch laptop sleeve (which easily fits two laptops), the front pocket also has an organizer.

The partitioning of the compartments suits me very well. I use the back main compartment with the laptop sleeve for laptops, books and notepads. The front main compartment for water bottles, food etc., so everything that maybe should not be in one compartment with laptops or notes. But sometimes my overear headphones go in there, too. I use the front pocket for pens, glasses case, keys, car documents and my AirPods-like headphones.

Especially nice about this backpack is the big handle. If I have to carry the backpack by hand, I can still hold it comfortably. This is definitely better than on my old backpack where there was only a sling.

I get along very well with the volume of 33 litres. It is neither too big (for such cases, where I need a smaller one, I also have a much smaller backpack from Xiaomi) nor too small. Everything I need for the day fits in there. On the side there is also the possibility to tighten strings and make the backpack a bit thinner when it is not full.

The only thing I could criticize are the very stiff belts in the beginning. But with time they seem to get softer.

Eastpak has a very good reputation for backpacks and also offers a thirty year warranty.

I am very happy to have bought this backpack at a good price from Amazon and hope that it will accompany me for some time to come.

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