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Excited Like A Little Child

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Lectures at the university start next week. So, since the beginning of the week, I have been thinking intensively about the problem of how to get a cheap but not too cheap convertible so that I can do my studies almost without paper.

Convertibles are definitely not cheap and I have a quite limited budget. Not because I don’t have the money, but because I don’t want to spend more than 500€ on one device. I decided myself for a convertible, because I hate paper. I always lose them or forget them at home. And they are also not save in my possession, they often get dog-ears.

When something really bugs me, like not having a convertible, I try to put all my effort in fixing that problem. In this case (or when I was searching for a new smartphone) that included a lot of research on the web, watching dozens of review videos, checking out many topic-specific forums and also looking for a cheap store. I wanted to know every single detail, so that I really don’t regret my decision in the end. I already made this mistake not researching and reevaluating my decisions enough.

After all that research and the successful finding of a promising store, I finally ordered a convertible. It’s a Lenovo ThinkPad Yoga S1. It’s already some years old, but back then it was a premium business notebook and compared to all my other notebooks, it’s far better.

It hasn’t arrived yet, but it hopefully does soon. I’m so excited about the unboxing and trying out. And I also already decided to replace that Windows 8.1 running on it with my favorite Linux distribution (Solus).

I’m as excited as a little child and I really hope, that it isn’t damaged a lot (it’s a used one, so there’s a little chance for that). It would make me really sad to put it back into the package and returning it to the shop. Please!!!

Do you know this situation, where you are so excited about a thing, although it might sound trivial to others?

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