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My February ‘22 in Review

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Translations: Mein Februar ‘22 im Rückblick
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February, especially if it’s not a leap year, is a short month, but it’s already over now too. So time for a quick review….

Apart from my mental excursions to printers, Chrome OS Flex and the names of my blogs, I did a bit of programming, but also cared a lot about my upcoming move. I’ve shipped many packages of books, I’ve been decluttering, packing boxes, planning the arrangement of furniture, and even had the key handover already. In about two weeks I will also move furniture and from then on mainly live in the new apartment. This is my first move and I have a lot of stuff, which makes the whole thing a big challenge for me. But challenges are meant to be mastered and I have people to support me through it.

Other than that, the world is dark right now, at the time I’m writing this, unfortunately there is still no solution emerging, blood is still being spilled and hundreds of thousands of people are fleeing the war. It is frightening that something like this is happening in the middle of Europe. My thoughts (🇩🇪) are with all the victims of this war. I encourage you to do the same and donate to help these people.


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