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My February ‘23 in Review

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Translations: Mein Februar ‘23 im Rückblick
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And again a month is over, the shortest of the year. Here is my short monthly review.

I also had to check my diary first to see as to what all happened this month, because it was a relatively unspectacular month.

I was in the office once because photos were taken that day, and that was also a good opportunity to see some colleagues I don’t usually have much to do with. As for work, today I finally finished my probationary period, already half a year in the new job, how time flies! I got very positive feedback in the probationary period review. 🤓

Then I found out that (hypothetically!) with a pretty simple trick you apparently don’t have to pay for Microsoft 365 anymore. At least until Microsoft figures it out and stops it.

And then I did some programming on GoBlog this month. I could probably do that all day, but I also want to exercise after work, spend time with my girlfriend, or even blog myself sometimes instead of just working on the blog software. Or get involved with stocks, most recently I started investing in individual stocks as well instead of just ETFs. Maybe a separate article about that…


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