Health Is Such A Luxury Good

When I’m traveling with the train, I often see many people smoking at the train station. I find that very disgusting! Why are people wasting their health like this?

I’m very thankful for my health, many are not so blessed. I always try to live a healthy life. I eat almost no meat, I mostly eat organic food, I do sports multiple times a week and I avoid alcohol.

My motivation for this is, that I care about my health. My health is a present, a present that is just given once to me and might disappear one day. I don’t want to accelerate it’s departure…

My dad was living healthy too, but one day he just wasn’t lucky anymore, health went away and after struggling for more than a year, he passed away. He got very ill without doing anything unhealthy, his disease just appeared without any reason.

Health is such a luxury good and everyone who isn’t treating it with care makes me sad.

To this day I wasn’t able to find any reason to smoke. Is it cool? I don’t think so, it just smells very bad. Is it a good way to being a rebel against my parents? I don’t know why I should be a rebel, my parent’s were good parent’s and even if this wasn’t the case, I would only harm myself with smoking. Is it an option to reduce stress? I think it doesn’t, running for example might be a lot more helpful.

Smoking just slowly kills you and burns a lot of money you could have used for better things… And also think about the other people you force to breath your smoke!

20 years old student who writes about everything he cares about.