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I Did A Morning Run

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I was about writing a post complaining about failing with my new goals. But does complaining bring you any further in life? No! So I’m writing about my positive progress instead, because I did a morning run today and it feels sooo great… 😏

Today, I got up at 5 am. Yes, that’s really early compared to the times I got up over the last weeks, which was usually just 7:30, sometimes even 8:30. I put my running clothes on, took my running shoes and started running. If you do morning runs (especially in the summer, when the sun goes up even before 5 am) it isn’t as beauty outside as it is in the late evening (when there’s a sunset). But it has a good thing though. At 5 am, almost nobody is awake and outside. So there are no annoying pedestrians with dogs blocking your way and nobody sees you running, you can run however you like.

I ran about 5 km and then went to the bakery getting fresh bread rolls. I really like fresh rolls, but often I’m too lazy going to the bakery in the morning so I either eat nothing or just take a cup of muesli.

But to be able getting up so early today, I was forced going very early to bed too. I went sleeping short before 10 pm. (Yes, that’s really early for me.) Although my flat mate annoyed me by calling in the room next to my room (and the walls are very thin) I was able to sleep with the help of listening to chill music. (The playlist is called Chillout Lounge, so I assume it’s called chill music.)

It really has many benefits getting up before everyone else is getting up. I already experienced that last year, when I was running every morning. It feels like you have so much more time, you are so motivated and can actually get things done. There isn’t that time pressure, that you just have a few minutes left until you must leave the house.

I won’t start running every morning again, but I think I will start getting up at 5 am every weekday. That’s a much higher goal than the one I set myself with getting up no later as 7:30, but it’s one that forces me to change my habits for good.

To keep going with my positive feeling today, I will also take the bike to get to university. It’s about 15 km per way, but it’s just another chance to move my body and I know, moving my body is good for me.

I wish you a great day too!

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