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I Plant Trees To Focus

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Yesterday I told you, that I currently somehow struggle with procrastination and not being able to get myself finishing the tasks from my to-do list. So today I used an app again, that I last time used while preparing for my final exams in school.

It’s name is Forest and you can plant trees. Why should I plant trees? Well, the trees will die if you use your phone, before they finished growing.

You can set how long you would like to focus (like 30, 60 or 90 minutes) and then the tree starts growing. If you reach the goal not to use your phone before the timer stops, you get rewarded with a non-dead tree and some tokens, which you can use to buy some other tree species or relaxing sounds, you can set to play, while you’re tree is growing. Or if you have enough of these tokens, you can even use them to plant a real tree.

But if you use your phone, you’re tree will die and you will feel bad, because you killed it.

To enable you to use a specific app during your focus time, Forest let’s you enable a whitelist, so that you can use the calculator app and the tree won’t die. But don’t misuse this option, you’re just cheating yourself!

That app is pretty awesome, if you try to reduce your phone addiction and want to concentrate on your tasks. I used it today and it really hold me back from stupid web browsing while I did my math exercises.

You can download it here.

Little achievement: I wrote this article before the end of the day at 11 am. It’s a first sign, that I’m able to fix my life again.

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