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I Should Fix My Life

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Things aren’t going well currently. My procrastination is my top activity and the list with tasks to do is growing each day. My room is a mess and I’m using my phone more than I should.

But what’s wrong? Why is my motivation kidding me? Why can’t I get myself to do something productive? Like writing an article or writing a few lines of code? But instead I somehow end up watching YouTube videos, scrolling through my Twitter feed and browsing the web. It’s sad.

It’s my fault, because of multiple reasons. First: I’m going to bed too late (it’s 11:30 pm while I write this post), I’m too tired during the day and so am not really able to concentrate all time and finally I’m too distracted by my phone, which is somehow on my desk and between my fingers all the time.

How to fix this? Go to bed earlier (what about 10 pm?), try to focus more (by turning of that damn smartphone) and motivate myself more to work off the things from my todo list.

Yes, I’m writing this to blame myself and to show you, that I’m sometimes a loser who isn’t able to manage his life. It’s to make myself more responsible for my lifestyle. I don’t want to be a loser, I wan’t to be a winner. So I have to change the situation!

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