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I Wasn’t Productive Today, But That’s OK

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Writing posts, especially when you just write for the sake of publishing a post, can be really painful. You tensely try to come up with an idea, then you start typing but have to think about every second word. Another bad addition to this is, when you aren’t native English speaker, so you use a translation site and copy every translated sentence over to your editor…

It’s like building something, but you directly know it’s bad. You are so demotivated and ashamed about your work, that you would rather destroy it than showing it someone else.

It’s only your urge to write a damn post for your loyal followers who already start to wonder what happened to you.

That happens to me all the time. I actually miss the times where I did post daily and almost never had the problem to find an idea what to write about. It’s probably the flow of finding writing topics that I’m lacking currently.

Today I started one of those drafts, I wanted to write about why you shouldn’t feel bad about not being productive everyday, but while saying so, it’s exactly what I’m doing now and why I’m writing this senseless post (this time without translator — so please excuse my bad language).

Yesterday I was so productive, I finally published my first app update in 2018 and was able to fix most of the crashes that the app’s users faced. It made me very happy. But because I can’t achieve something like this everyday, I feel bad because it feels like a step back. It feels like losing. Loosing against yourself.

The positive thing though, and I’m quite optimistic about this, is that this low point gives you extra positive feelings when reaching the next high point. It lets you appreciate it more then.

And to be honest, who is able to keep his productivity climbing with every day?

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