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I’m melting…

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So, here I am again. Back with no creativity, no ideas and no plan. I (including my brain) am melting due to the heat and the stress of the last weeks of studying somehow erased my brain. I have absolutely no idea what to write about, so I write about that and about what’s up in my life.

It’s currently very hot in my hometown. 30° Celsius and I have to wear long trousers in the office. Putting them off and changing them against shorts in the late afternoon is the best feeling ever. It feels like freedom. No more sweating. Unfortunately it’s evening very fast and the temperature goes down, so the great feeling doesn’t stay that long.

I progressed in my plan to become a minimalist. I’m finally done with decluttering the first shelf in my room, but there’s still a lot to do with the other things in my room. Because I don’t have the time nor the motivation to do everything on one day, I try to do at least a bit everyday (like 5 minutes), so I won’t forget what I want to achieve in the end.

I also recently changed my buying habits. Not only do I now try to use Revolut whenever possible (most bakeries don’t accept credit cards yet), I also try to think twice before doing any purchases (at least most of the time - today I bought a 4 TB hard drive without real need though). The Minimalists have a great essay about that topic.

I use Revolut, because using that instead of cash gives me the possibility to use their app to have a great overview over my expenses, so that I see how much I spend each month on what things. Many people say, with cash they have more control over their spendings, but Revolut works great for me. It’s no credit card, but a debit card, so I don’t pay on debt, but on the money I put on the card first. And there’s another advantage: Due to the contactless payments feature, it’s really fast to pay in stores and you need to keep less cash with you.

Now, that I have a lot more free time than during university (I have to work, but after leaving the office I’m done with it for the day), I try to use it to follow my interests (creating the my best personal Linux setup, …) and be more social be meeting up with people and doing things not alone, but together (I’m an introvert, but sometimes it’s good to be with other people).

And last topic for today, I lost a lot of Twitter followers, so that I am below 1k now. But that’s actually a good thing. Most of my followers were bots or profiles like that, so they didn’t interact with my content anyway. But now that there are less but real followers, Twitter starts to make fun again.

That’s for today, have a great week! (I really hope the heat will go away soon, I’m melting…)

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