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My January ‘21 in Review

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Translations: Mein Januar ‘21 im Rückblick
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⚠️ This entry is already over one year old. It may no longer be up to date. Opinions may have changed.

And now the first month of the new year is already over. On the one hand, time passes quickly, but somehow it doesn’t. Due to lockdown and the limited possibilities to do something outside, one day is like the other, one week like the other.

However, the topic that keeps me busy every day is not lockdown, but rather my bachelor thesis (🇩🇪), the content of which I want to have finished by the end of February so that I can hand it in mid-March. After it took much longer than planned until I was able to register it, I am now making good progress and am on schedule. Nevertheless, I’m a bit annoyed that I didn’t finish the bachelor thesis completely by the end of February and thus exceed the standard period of study and had to extend the study contract with the company. But at least I have already signed the employment contract for after the bachelor thesis and it’s in the bag.

I started the new year together with my girlfriend. We had a few days together in Kassel (🇩🇪).

Apart from that, I continued to work on my bachelor thesis in my home office, as already mentioned. But since I can’t work 24 hours a day either, I distracted myself with Wilsberg episodes, documentaries or the WhatsApp drama and the Messenger discussion and blogged about it.

And also on my blog software I have improved the one or other thing, but time-wise much less than in the months before. I guess that means I’ve reached a state where the software is mature enough for me to get back to blogging more myself.

All posts from January can be found here and here (🇩🇪).


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