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My January ‘23 in Review

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Translations: Mein Januar ‘23 im Rückblick
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Before you realize it, January - and with it the first month of the new year - is already over. A little review.

I spent the month in roughly equal parts in my two households. By now I have gotten used to it. Having two apartments also has the advantage that I can give my girlfriend the time to study for her university exams undisturbed. I can also study or pursue my programming hobby during this time.

With two households, however, the choice of sports and fitness options is a bit more limited. For the gym, I would have to sign two contracts, since there are no studios of the same chain in both places except McFit or Kieser Training. I also don’t enjoy running as much since I developed permanent knee pain from too much exercise a few years ago.

My solution: as I did in 2018, I’m training with my own body weight again, this time with Freeletics (1, 2). After 13 workouts, I feel like I made the right choice. There are hardly any excuses not to work out, after all, at most I have to change rooms and it’s not very time-consuming, just about 30 minutes and a shower afterwards. Let’s see when I can see progress visually as well.

Also, I’m continuing to prepare for my AWS certification, the Udemy course I’m taking for it is almost halfway done. I have until the summer to complete the certification, however, I can only access my current progress in my Udemy Business account until May, after which I’ll have to use a new account, so I’d rather complete the course before then.

Last but not least, I did some programming on my blog software again this month. For example, I improved the plugin system, which now makes it possible to implement a plugin that displays the currently playing music via last.fm in the blog header. Gimmicky, but I think it’s cool!


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