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My July '20 in Review

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Translations: Mein Juli '20 im Rückblick
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Meanwhile the seventh month of this year is over and so here is my monthly review of July 2020.

July was actually quite unspectacular. I had one week of vacation, which I spent mainly to complete my move from one room to another (which is now almost completed). Apart from that I worked in the home office during the day and often did programming in the afternoon. But I also blogged a lot, not long articles, but lots of thoughts, notes and links.

For example, I have automated my blogroll. Every time my site is generated, the list of blogs I follow is automatically updated. The current list is automatically exported from the feed reader Miniflux. So whenever I follow another blog (or remove a subscription 😅) it will be visible in the blogroll a short time later. Since I am a big fan of personal blogs, I also like to share which blogs I follow.

The post that probably generated the most attention this month is about why I don’t host my emails myself anymore, i.e. why I don’t run a mail server myself anymore, but prefer to pay 5€ per month for a hosted solution. Since I use the hosted mailcow, I also support the open source project with it.

Towards the end of the month I realized that I somehow spend way too much time reading news and, although I use a feed reader that doesn’t have an endless timeline, I can’t keep up with all the bookmarks. The only solution was then to simply kick some of the news sites out of my reader, which now works quite well after a few days.

The time I spend less on news I now invest in a personal programming project again. I got the idea to develop my own blog system, completely according to my wishes, but kept as simple and flexible as possible. For this I use the programming language Go and although I already implemented a few things with it, I’m now getting to know some more exciting features and libraries.

And now that I’m talking about the blog again, in July I participated in two online events. I joined the Homebrew Website Club Europe/London twice. For one hour we talked about all kinds of topics related to IndieWeb, websites and the internet. It was quite a nice experience and will be on my schedule regularly in the future.


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