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My July ‘22 in Review

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Translations: Mein Juli ‘22 im Rückblick
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In a moment, the next month is already over. After June, it’s now July. Time for a short monthly review.

This month I blogged pretty rarely, probably also with me is a bit of summer slump. The heat makes you tired and exhausted, the one day in the office during the week also takes time and then I was also on the road a lot, visiting my family and girlfriend.

GoBlog, the software behind this blog, has also kept me busy again this month. I have been busy writing emails and messages with Andrés Cárdenas. He has switched his blog to GoBlog. So far, GoBlog has always been about my own requirements, but with more users come new requirements. Now I have a long backlog of features and improvements to implement. With the help of GitHub Issues, I’m trying to organize it a bit.

Only one month to go, then I start in my new job. This week I had a meeting with a project manager, who explained the project and the team structure. I am really excited about September! It will definitely be a big challenge for me, after all, the team will communicate in English and I will also learn some new things technically. But I also wanted a challenge so that I wouldn’t get rusty right at the beginning of my career.

This month I donated blood for the first time. On the one hand, I now know that my blood values are all in the green zone, and on the other hand, I can possibly save people’s lives. For ages I had planned to donate blood, after all, my father was also dependent on blood donations, but somehow I never got over myself. My girlfriend has now made sure that I finally do it by donating as well.

And lastly, I found out this month that I have a dust allergy and what I can do about it that I always feel like my nose is stuffed up and I have to breathe through my mouth. That was another thing that bugged me for a long time, but somehow I never did anything about it.


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