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My June ‘23 in Review

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Translations: Mein Juni ‘23 im Rückblick
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AI generated summary: The blog post summarizes the author's experiences in June 2023, including passing an AWS exam, going on a vacation, dealing with extreme weather, and blogging about various topics, and mentions their upcoming plans for July.

So, another month is over and with it the first half of the year 2023. Time for a short review.

The month started with my AWS exam, which I fortunately passed despite still lacking practical experience, but at least with theoretical knowledge. Thus, I am now an AWS Certified Cloud Developer. What resources I used to learn can be found here.

Directly after that, a short vacation on the island of Norderney followed, which my girlfriend had given me for my birthday. It was very nice! For me a very nice weekend between the daily routine and for my girlfriend a short breather in the stressful time of the semester.

June was very hot in parts. I like it best at 20 degrees, but 30 degrees is already too warm for me, at least it still cools down enough at night. But because of the heat, there was a heavy thunderstorm towards the end of the month that flooded the street in Kassel so much that even cars floated away. Our basement was also ankle-high under water, but there were mainly cardboard boxes in there, which we then had to dispose of. But such weather extremes will probably occur more often in the future due to the climate crisis…

Otherwise, the month was rather unspectacular and since I am now done with studying for the exam, but my girlfriend is still busy with her studies, I blogged more again this month. For example, my German article about tips and tricks for saving money or a few posts about the experiences I made when switching to my new smartphone.

In July, I’ll be on the road a lot. One is for my sister’s graduation party and the other is for a two week vacation with my family in Romania. While they fly, I take the train there, because I’m an Interrail fan. The other day I booked the last missing mandatory reservation for it. I just hope that the Deutsche Bahn will spare me from strikes until then.


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