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I’m just someone, right?

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AI generated summary: The author reflects on their writing and wonders if anyone finds value in their posts, but is grateful for the positive feedback they receive and acknowledges their lack of expertise and focus in a specific niche.

I sometimes write articles. On this blog. On my German blog. Not long time ago, I used to write on Medium. I already spent hours and hours of writing.

After writing and publishing something new, I usually share it on social media. My fediverse account and Twitter most often too. But sometimes I am thinking: Is there just anyone getting some worth out of my posts? Is there someone who would even visit and read articles, if I don’t spam my followers on social media?

It would be ok, even if the answer sounds “no”. Often I just seek a way to get thoughts out of my head. Written down. I’m writing for myself. Although I would probably change the way of writing, if that would be the case. I could write just to my diary.

That shouldn’t sound cocky, but I’m glad (at least I think it’s this way) that the answer sounds “yes” instead of “no”. Sometimes people are liking my posts and sometimes I also get comments to some articles. That keeps me motivated to continue.

But what I struggle with is finding a specific niche: I have no specific topic I’m known for, I have nothing special to share. I’m just someone. Just a student who randomly writes to his thoughts to a website.

Maybe it’s because I’m missing expertise? I’m just at the beginning of my career studying and working for a typical middle-sized software company in Germany. I haven’t achieved something special. I’m just naive and curious.

It’s probably also my inability to focus on one thing for a longer time period. Sure, I started some projects. But I just work on them from time to time, when I have a bit of motivation. I don’t work on them all the time and I usually don’t have the ambitions to make them the next big thing.

Do you have some topics, you would like to hear my opinion about? Do you want to share your project with me? Or do you just need someone to listen? I would like to talk to you.

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