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Leave Your Comfort Zone And Grow

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I recently joined an event in my hometown, which was focused on new technologies. I had the opportunity to give a small talk and I took it.

First I was a bit scared, “What will the people think?”, “Do I have enough knowledge to give a talk?”, “I can’t speak good enough…”. But I also thought “You have to leave your comfort zone to grow.” And that’s what I did. I left my comfort zone to grow. And I grew.

I think it wasn’t as bad as I feared it would be, at least I got no negative feedback. There were about 15 people and it was a relaxed atmosphere. People listened carefully.

If I wouldn’t have left my comfort zone, I would still think I’m too bad to talk in front of people, I would think my knowledge is too small to share it.

And that’s what I would advice you too. Go out of your comfort zone. Take every opportunity to grow. Take every opportunity to show the world your real you, the best version of yourself.

You won’t regret it!

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