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My March ‘21 in Review

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Translations: Mein März ‘21 im Rückblick
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Now March is over as well, so it’s time to take a look at what was going on in March for me.

For over a month now, I’ve also been using my blog software to write down a few quick notes about the day once a day in the evening before I go to sleep: What I did, what I thought about, how I feel or other notes. This works pretty well and I’ve already developed a real routine. Not once have I forgotten to do it.

But this month was really not varied at all. Actually, there was only exactly one topic that really kept me busy: My bachelor thesis. First I finished writing it, then I improved it, printed it out, handed it in and finally I created my colloquium presentation, practiced it, improved it and finally held it on March 30. Very successfully, in fact, which makes me feel appropriately relieved! I wrote more about this in a post (🇩🇪) the other day.

Besides the bachelor thesis, I regularly went for a walk in the park and did some development work on my blog software. Bug fixes and improvements of all kinds, a tiny bit of documentation, and native Tor integration so that my sites can also be deployed directly as Onion Services. There’s probably no real benefit to that, but I learned a few new things and got to grips with a topic I’d only covered very superficially before.

I also got a bit upset about Corona and the failure in politics, but actually you can only resign yourself and somehow try to make the best out of it, like you did for a year already. It makes no sense to get in a bad mood, the situation will not get any better that way.

Over Easter I’m going to take a break from studying and working before I start my new job. April will probably be more exciting again.


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