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My March ‘24 in Review

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Translations: Mein März ‘24 im Rückblick
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AI generated summary: In March, I discovered I have a vitamin D and slight B12 deficiency, leading me to start supplements which improved my mood and energy. I also tried out a safety razor, navigated an internet outage due to a 5G crash, and developed a Telegram bot. My Easter was spent with family, enjoying a hike.

With March, another month and even the first quarter of 2024 are now over. So it’s time to take a quick look back. What happened in my March 2024?

As I wrote in my last monthly review, I went to the doctor to have my vitamins checked. The results came back at the beginning of the month and it turns out that I have a severe vitamin D deficiency and at least a slight B12 deficiency. I was therefore advised to supplement these vitamins. Vitamin B12 and folic acid once a week for support, vitamin D3 (including vitamin K2 and magnesium) once a day in a high dose for a few weeks, then once a week thereafter. I don’t know if I’m just imagining it, but I do have the feeling that I’m experiencing a positive effect. I have more energy, am more alert and am in a better mood.

Then I discovered a new gadget in March: the safety razor. I’d heard about it a few times online, but was always afraid I wouldn’t be able to handle such a device and would cut myself and bleed to death. But with the right technique, a safety razor doesn’t seem so complicated and dangerous after all. After a week of almost daily use, I made a first conclusion.

Then this month the time finally came for the VDSL connection in my second home to expire. I had only been using the mobile connection via 5G for a few months, but the minimum contract term only ended this month. Just a few days later, however, the 5G connection seems to have crashed and my home server has been offline ever since and will remain so until the next time I’m there. Unfortunately, I don’t yet know what the reason is. ☹️

Perhaps due to the vitamin D supplementation and the extra energy, I experimented more this month and developed a Telegram bot as a serverless container that translates voice messages into text.

I visited my family in the south over Easter and am currently on the return journey on the ICE as I type this. We went hiking on Saturday and I still have sore muscles. 😄


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