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My March ‘23 in Review

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Translations: Mein März ‘23 im Rückblick
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AI generated summary: The author provides a brief summary of their month of March, which was mostly spent in Kassel working, doing household chores, exercising, and spending time with family, and also mentions their interest in artificial intelligence and their indecision about purchasing a Deutschlandticket for local transport.

And again a month is over, March comes to an end, April begins. A short review.

This month I spent most of my time in Kassel, only 5 days I was in the second home, because there was an event at the office, to which I cycled the 25 km in each direction, and 4 days I was with my family in the south, because my sister has now also turned 18.

Other than that, the month was pretty unspectacular. Most days consisted of getting up, having breakfast, working (sometimes cooking for a short time), household (shopping, cleaning) or going for a walk, sports (three times a week) and then chilling (mostly watching Notruf Hafenkante together).

Although I’m not that fascinated by artificial intelligence (I think some people have a bit exaggerated expectations about the capabilities of a language model), I did spend some time with it this month. I tried Google Bard, but also created a plugin for GoBlog that uses the ChatGPT API to generate post summaries.

On Monday, the Deutschlandticket finally goes on sale for 49 Euros. I’m still undecided whether to get the Deutschlandticket. Within the city I mostly use the bicycle for longer distances, otherwise sometimes car sharing, but bus and train actually only every few weeks for the way to the office or to the train station, from where I then continue with long-distance transport. And for commuting, the high-speed ICE is clearly the faster and more comfortable option, which is also not that expensive thanks to My BahnCard 50 and various voucher promotions and savings prices. With local transport, it would take me about 4 hours from door to door instead of 2, and I would have to change trains twice extra. On the other hand, I might use local transport more if I had the cheap option. With the 9-euro ticket, for example, I’ve made some trips I wouldn’t have made otherwise.


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