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Today, I wished I had listened more carefully.

While I was literally melting at university (due to the hot temperatures in Germany), a package arrived at home. It was the folding bike I ordered last week to reduce the time I need to commute. My plan is to go by bike to a bus station, take the bus and then use the bike for the last meters to the university too. For a normal bike you need to buy an extra ticket, but a folding bike is free.

After I arrived at home I immediately wanted to try this new bike, but I knew I probably have to check if all screws are right. They weren’t. The brakes made really annoying noises, so that everyone was watching at me when I used them.

I tried at least 60 minutes to fix this, watched a couple of video tutorials on how to correctly adjust the brakes, but I failed. Tomorrow I will go to a repair shop and ask them to do this.

My dad used to do this, but it seems like I didn’t payed enough attention, thinking it wouldn’t be so difficult. But I was wrong, it was a big mistake I didn’t cared enough, now I learned that lesson.

Don’t ignore what people try to teach you, you might need that skill earlier or later!

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