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My new GoBlog-Blog is finally alive 🎉

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Short link: https://b.jlel.se/s/35
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I spent months coding and it’s finally time to say “Hello World”!

Until a few hours ago I used a complicated setup of Hugo, Drone, Webmentiond, Caddy and some self-programmed tools for my blog to have an IndieWeb compatible blog with support for MicroPub, Webmentions, ActivityPub, IndieAuth, Telegram notifications and more. A use case that actually calls for a dynamic backend.

The dynamic backend is finally here. Finally no more workarounds!

I decided to develop my own CMS because it gives me the opportunity to know my code inside and out and in case of problems I know directly where to look for it. I developed the code to the best of my conscience so that everything is done as efficiently as possible. And I will be able to add more features to my blog much easier in the future!

I am especially happy about the function that I can now finally edit or delete posts. Far too often it happened to me that I had mistakes in the text or made stupid mistakes while creating the post itself. These can now be corrected directly.

To the technology behind the blog: The CMS is written in Go (my current favorite programming language!) and SQLite is used for database purposes.

The code is available on my Gitea instance. In the next days I will fix bugs I find and add a documentation and license.

P.S.: Sorry for the name of this project, “GoBlog” is a pretty lame name, feel free to send me better suggestions!

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