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My November ‘21 in Review

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Translations: Mein November ‘21 im Rückblick
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Welcome to my monthly review for November 2021. What was going on this month?

During the week usually not much: I worked during the day and relaxed in the evening, watched movies and videos or programmed. My blog software has matured further. Since it now seems to have more users, I had some exciting email conversations and was able to make improvements here and there. But I also implemented new features, like a live preview in the editor or the display of GPX files.

On two weekends I was traveling by train. On one weekend I visited my girlfriend in her university town, where we went to the cinema (🇩🇪) among other things. That was very nice! On the first Advent weekend I visited my family.

I used Black Friday this year to get some gifts already. I’ve never been that early like this year!

But it’s kind of weird, this is the first year where I’m really looking forward to Christmas and the time off. For many years, Christmas time for me usually meant studying for exams, finishing up submissions, or writing my bachelor’s thesis. This year I hope I will be able to relax for once.

What else was going on? Oh yes, the coalition agreement. One reason for me to join the Green Party was to be able to vote against a Jamaica coalition if the worst came to the worst, because the Greens are having a ballot this year (completely base-democratic). Now it is not a Jamaica coalition, but a traffic light coalition, happy with the result I am still not and have accordingly voted “No”. I assume that there will be a majority for the coalition agreement, even the rather left-wing Green Youth has recommended a vote in favor, but I think that the result should also represent that not everyone is so satisfied. The coalition agreement contains many good plans where you can actually see progress (12 euro minimum wage, abolition of the ban on advertising abortions, digitalization), but the mobility chapter in particular makes me unhappy. Here I would have expected more of a transport transformation (🇩🇪). And the fact that a ministry that is so important for climate protection is going to the Porsche party, the FDP, ultimately led to my decision. Let’s see what happens next…

What really annoys me about winter is the constant darkness. In the morning at the beginning of work it’s still dark, after work it’s dark again. Only on weekends you have the chance to get some daylight. Somehow this leads to the fact that I don’t go out every day, but only every other day and I move less and am generally more lethargic. Well, in a month the days will get longer again.


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