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My October ‘23 in Review

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Translations: Mein Oktober ‘23 im Rückblick
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AI generated summary: The blog post discusses the author's activities in October, including personal events, global news, fitness journey, saving money with discounts and VPN, and their new 5G router setup.

Another month has come and gone, time to take a look back.

At the beginning of the month, it was my girlfriend’s birthday, and we spent a week in our hometown. Another weekend, I visited my family in South Germany. But most of the days were filled with getting up, having breakfast, working, chores, sports, and spending time together (mostly in front of the TV).

On the world stage, it has been another distressing month. Hamas is terrorizing and killing innocent civilians, and Israel is defending itself, sometimes not in the most delicate manner. This new conflict is overshadowing the ongoing war in Ukraine.

In addition, there were elections in Hessen and Bayern, revealing that there are more right-wing extremist tendencies in the population than feared. And then, there’s the whole debate about migrants.

I’m somehow tired of all this bad news…

That’s why, probably somewhat unintentionally, I’ve delved into the topic of fitness with YouTube videos. Videos of 90-day transformations give me additional motivation to stick to my own fitness program. I’m now nearing the end of my second “Training Journey” in Freeletics, and the “Hell Week” has begun. That means I’m doing sports every day now, not just three days a week. To stay committed, I’ve treated myself to the Freeletics Lifetime version. By analyzing network requests and cookies a bit, I managed to get a good discount. There, my inner nerd and smart spender (Sparfuchs in German) took over. 😅

And here’s another tool where I was able to save with these tricks and a VPN: LanguageTool. It seems a bit more advanced to me than DeepL Write and also offers add-ons for browsers and Word. I’m just missing an Android app.

I haven’t forgotten about the topic of routers and 5G. Firstly, my mobile provider activated NR SA (“5G Plus”) this month, allowing the use of pure 5G without LTE. Secondly, I got myself a GL.iNet Beryl AX, which, combined with the existing ZTE MC801A, makes a great 5G router setup. GL.iNet routers are fantastic; I wish I had known about them earlier!

Let’s see what November brings. 😊


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