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One year of private diary blogging

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⚠️ This entry is already over one year old. It may no longer be up to date. Opinions may have changed.

This morning I wrote my 365th diary entry. With that, I now have my first full year of daily private diary blogging complete. A milestone! The statistics tell me that’s 32245 words with 186900 characters and an average word count of 88 words per post.

A year and a few days ago, I had the spontaneous shower thought to try diary writing again. I have tried it several times, but always gave up after a short time. But since I now had my own blog software and regular blogging worked quite well, I decided to use my blog software for diary writing as well. I just had to add a “private mode” which requires a login on all pages of the website.

Since then, every evening or the next morning, I now write what I did during the day, what I might have been thinking about, or whatever else happened. The average word count of 88 words per post shows that this is not always very detailed. Actually, I just write everything with bullet points, sometimes with shorter sentences and sometimes with longer sentences.

Diary writing has quickly become a habit. By being able to create posts easily from my phone, there is only a low barrier to actually doing it. I can even do it when my girlfriend is with me, she’s still asleep but I’m already awake in the morning.

I haven’t scrolled through old posts much, but especially now that a year has gone by, I’ll definitely use the relatively new GoBlog feature to see posts of the same day in previous years from time to time. Then I can look up what I did a year ago, or later 2, 3 or 4 years ago. That will definitely be interesting to see how my life has evolved since then.

Writing in a diary also has the advantage that it is easier to sort out your thoughts. By having to put your thoughts into words so you can write them down, you have to process the thoughts. Once you’ve written them down, it’s easier to let them out of your head. This helps to fall asleep in the evening without thinking too much.

I hardly thought I would actually make it through a whole year this time, but I’m glad I did and will definitely keep going!

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