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Relax And Calm Down

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I don’t really like when my situation changes a lot and so I immediately started panicking when something happened last week. I feared about the consequences and all the things I have to due because of this. (I won’t tell you the problem, sorry.)

But since then a few days passed and I actually realize, that things aren’t as worse as imagined. Sure, things are still not fun, but less complicated than I initially thought. I somehow just overreacted and didn’t want to leave the comfort zone, I just reached.

What I learned from this is, that although you just don’t want to have this “change”, you shouldn’t go crazy because of it. Maybe see this positive sites of it? Maybe see it as a challenge for yourself to grow? Learn from it. Get the mindset, that if you master this challenge you’ll also master a lot more of challenges, because you’re already trained.

Relax and try to see things objectively.

How do you try to accomplish challenges like caring about your 13-years old little sister who’s very egoistic sometimes? 😂

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