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Just one sign of the climate crisis

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AI generated summary: The author experienced flooding in their basement due to heavy rain and hail, which they attribute to the increasing frequency and violence of extreme weather events caused by the climate crisis, and emphasizes the need for environmental education and laws to protect the earth.

Two years ago, for the first time in my life, I experienced the basement filling up after a heavy rain. And now, not even two years later, the same thing is happening again. (I and we are fine and there was not too much damage).

On Thursday, the sky suddenly closed in, it got really dark, and it started raining really hard. There were also golf ball sized hailstones (more like ice balls) falling from the sky.

The street really turned into a river, garbage cans floated away, and as you saw on TV, even cars on our street started to float away.

The days before it was always very warm and unusually humid. Just a little movement and you started to sweat.

But we have to get used to it. Because of climate change (or rather climate crisis), these extreme weather events are becoming more frequent and more violent.

But even if we have to get used to it, we have to make sure it does not get worse! We need to educate people to make more environmentally conscious choices. And we need laws to force the change to climate neutrality. Because there is no alternative, there is only this one earth and we have to protect it.

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